Nothing can complement an outfit like a statement necklace. These seem to be the next big trend when it comes to jewelry and accessories. Many women are wearing these statement necklaces as their way to show the world that they like to dress their wardrobe up.

What is a Statement Necklace?

Statement necklaces have actually been around for quite some time, but they have gained a lot of popularity as more and more models have been wearing them on the runway and many stars of the big screen have incorporated them into their wardrobes. These necklaces are very large in size and are generally very bright, flashy, and bold. They are made of many different materials and women love them because of the different color combinations. Any statement necklace can practically match any wardrobe so they are perfect!

How to Choose a Statement Necklace

Women who are searching for just the right statement necklace may actually have a tough time finding the right one. That is why there are some tips to follow in order to make selecting one less stressful. Because statement necklaces are so bold, it is key to pick just the right one in order to make the right statement.

Choose the right color

When choosing a statement necklace, remember that the colors don’t always have to match perfectly. Many of these necklaces are made of metal, silver, gold, stainless steel, and other materials that will compliment any wardrobe. There are complimentary colors that will make any outfit stand out. For example, a bright orange statement necklace will compliment a dark blue blouse.

Choose the perfect material

Cost is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right statement necklace. The cost of these necklaces seems to depend on what material they are made out of. The cheapest options are usually made out of plastic or a type of enamel. Some of these necklaces are made of different types of metals and even have some rhinestones or crystals in them to make them really shine and sparkle. The most expensive statement necklaces are usually gold with the addition of diamonds. Gold plated necklaces and necklaces with cubic zirconia are a little less in price.

How to wear a Statement Necklace

There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing a statement necklace. When a woman is wearing a statement necklace, the hair should be worn up. If her hair is down, the necklace will not be able to be seen. Don’t wear bizarre shaped statement necklaces with an outfit that is made to be dressy. The necklace could throw off the entire outfit and be too funky for the look. Make sure that you are doing color combinations that look good and complement each other. This is something else that could throw off the entire outfit. Keep the price in mind and make sure that the necklace doesn’t look as cheap as it costs. Many necklaces look like costume jewelry and can destroy an outfit, so follow these tips to find just the right one.